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Rose Fear
by Maria Laina
Translated from Greek
by Sarah McCann
The debut English collection by one of Greece’s leading poetic voices.
102 pages, paperback
"There is a tenderness never to be daunted, never to be diminished in the poetry of Maria Laina. Here, truly, is the first poet I have found wholly to forward and entirely to voice the spirit of Cavafy. McCann's deft, supple translations illuminate that spirit perfectly. This is a wonderful venture!"
- Donald Revell, author of Drought-Adapted Vine

"What a wealth of insight and emotion Maria Laina can pack into just three lines of verse: 'On arid land / I spread out my garden / until my mouth fills with laughter.' And in Sarah McCann's dexterous translation of Rose Fear we discover once again what vitality and power can accrue from the art of compression. 'Beware of this dark woman,' the poet warns, 'for she is galloping before you.' Reader, follow her!"
- Christopher Merrill, author of Self-Portrait with Dogwood

Maria Laina’s debut English collection. Laina’s poems carve symbolically rich images drawn from mythology and the natural world. Rose Fear follows in the Sapphic vein: fragmented, prophetic, and emotionally charged. Sarah McCann in her translations deftly captures the music and the vividness of Laina’s scenes, which take their inspiration from regions as diverse as Japan, the Caribbean, and her native Greece. Yet always behind the recognizable world lie the rhythms and lights of the fairytale, the fable, and the spell.                                                                         ORDER ONLINE