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by Phoebe Giannisi
Translated from Greek
by Brian Sneeden
The debut English collection by an award-winning Greek poet.
148 pages, paperback
ISBN: 0-9992613-0-4
"Giannisi's poetry is a wonderful combination of the classical and the underground avant-garde. Trained both in architecture and Ancient Greek, her poems tackle the problem of how to inhabit the spaces we live in — from the abandoned lot and the swimming pool to the page of the book. What a pleasure to have the full Homerica series in Brian Sneeden's lyrical translation."
— Karen Van Dyck, editor of Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry

"Sneeden is a meticulous translator and a poet in his own right. He brings Phoebe Giannisi's work to life with immediacy and conviction."
— Edmund Keeley, translator of C. P. Cavafy: Collected Poems

For the first time in English — a volume of poems by one of Greece's foremost poetic voices. Phoebe Giannisi's Homerica offers a contemporary Odyssey of loss, longing, motherhood, and metamorphosis, the poems re-weaving classical mythology with modern experience. Yet the mythic characters and scenes never feel otherworldly — rather, they appear alongside the tugboat, the bicycle, the television, and the helicopter. Brian Sneeden's masterful translation captures the Delphic rhythms of Giannisi's oracular poems, which rarely travel in a straight line but rather glide across multiple threads of time, like a look interweaving strands of the mythological past.                                                       ORDER ONLINE