Rose Fear by Maria Laina
Translated from Greek by Sarah McCann


Maria Laina’s debut English collection. Laina’s poems carve symbolically rich images drawn from mythology and the natural world. Rose Fear follows in the Sapphic vein: fragmented, prophetic, and emotionally charged. Sarah McCann in her translations deftly captures the music and the vividness of Laina’s scenes, which take their inspiration from regions as diverse as Japan, the Caribbean, and her native Greece. Yet always behind the recognizable world lie the rhythms and lights of the fairytale, the fable, and the spell.

Homerica by Phoebe Giannisi
Translated from Greek by Brian Sneeden


Presented in English for the first time, Phoebe Giannisi’s Homerica is a contemporary Odyssey reweaving classical mythology with modern experience. Yet the mythic characters and scenes never feel otherworldly – rather, they appear alongside the tugboat, the bicycle, the television, and the helicopter. Brian Sneeden’s translation captures the Delphic rhythms of Giannisi’s oracular poems, which rarely travel in a straight line but rather zag and glide across multiple threads of time, like a loom interweaving strands of the mythological past.

Coming Fall 2017